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This Week in Free Stuff: Plug-in Power

The free haul this week includes Cableguys Pancake 2 panning modulation plug-in, Xfer OTT Compressor plug-in and Rob Papen Prisma instrument host plug-in.
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It was a bit of a slow news week for brand new music tool handouts, so I dipped into my store of favorite freebies to let you know about some quality plug-ins that can start having an effect on your projects right away. I’d like to say that my crystal ball shows a good week for new free stuff coming up, but dude, no way am I ever paying for a crystal ball.

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Cableguys PanCake 2: Panning Modulation Plug-in
A scaled-down version of the $39 PanShaper multiband stereo modulation plug-in, the free PanCake 2 puts a panning LFO in your toolkit, which you can sync to the DAW tempo or not, trigger via MIDI, and draw in your own modulation curves from 1/128th notes all the way up to 32 bars.

Xfer OTT Compressor plug-in
Steve Duda’s Xfer Records is riding high off the success of its Serum plug-in wavetable synth and other tools, but it also has a complimentary compressor plug-in that’s flying a little bit under the radar. A recreation of a 3-band upwards/downwards compression setup that’s popular for aggressive dubstep and electro sounds, OTT is free as an AAX/AU/VST plug-in for Mac or Windows.

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Rob Papen Prisma Plug-in Host
Owners of any of Rob Papen’s tasty virtual instrument plug-ins can also download Prisma for free. This plug-in host can stack any of up to four Rob Papen sound sources to create a single layered “prismatic” preset. On top of that, Prisma adds four on-board effects and four faders for controlling multiple parameters of each layered instrument. You can also create keyboard split layers based on velocity and keyboard range.

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The following video demonstrates some sounds you can derive from Prisma, but only if you also own the necessary Rob Papen synth plug-ins.

Free with Purchase: Eventide Blackhole Reverb Plug-in
This is rarely the time or place to talk about sales promotions, but this one offers something worth mentioning. The Eventide Blackhole creative reverb plug-in sells for $199 MSRP on its own, but until September 30, you can get it for free with the purchase of either an Akai MPC Touch or any Akai Advance keyboard controller
The Blackhole reverb and ambient effect has been a popular fixture in Eventide’s deluxe rackmount effects boxes, as well as the Space stompbox. It has extensive modulation controls that help take it well beyond everyday reverbs to be capable of abstract, “extra-terrestrial” effects and drones.

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