This Week in Free Stuff: Real-Deal Plug-ins

Get free plug-ins you can actually use, including U-He Zebralette, D16 Frontier and Output Signal Free.
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There’s no doubt that when it comes to free stuff, plug-ins that you can actually use are some of our favorite things. This week we have three good ones from boutique developers that seem to gain steam with every release. I think you’ll want to try them all.

U-he Zebralette
Besides making world-class, beloved synth plug-ins like Diva and Hive, U-he also gives it up when it comes to free goods. One of several gratis plug-ins on the roster, Zebralette is the free version of the excellent Zebra2 synth, a wireless modular monster. Zebralette’s one oscillator serves to demonstrates the power of the Zebra2 oscillators and familiarize users with how to program sounds using those oscillators. It also has two LFOs a multi-stage envelope and chorus, EQ and delay effects. It comes in 32- or 64-bit versions for AAX/AU/VST2/VST3 for Mac or PC. Check out the Zebralette presets in the video below.

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Also, be on the lookout for U-he’s new product, the Repro-1 monophonic synth plug-in. It’s an emulation of the classic Sequential Circuits Pro-1, and you can start testing the public beta of it now. Download it from the KVR forum, and if you like it, public beta users can purchase the full version of Repro-1 for $69 ($30 off the full price of $99) until the end of 2016.

D16 Frontier Limiter

The D16 Group makes mouth-watering instrument, drum machine and effects plug-ins based on classic hardware but with their own signature twists. Most of them cost less than 100 euros, but of course their Frontier “Self-Adaptive Versatile Limiter” costs nothing (but you must register as a D16 user). The self-adaptive part means automatic gain make-up speeds, and it also has an optional Soft Clip and configurable control input. Presets will help you utilize Frontier for different purposes, such as a mastering limiter or a sound shaper with more extreme settings. It also has a controllable Release and supports MIDI learn.

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Also watch out for D16's new release, Repeater, a vintage modeled delay, coming soon.

Output Signal Pulse Engine Free Version
Output’s Kontakt instrument Signal is a “pulse engine” that combines organic instruments with different kinds of synths to create dramatic sounds aimed at composers and producers. The $199 full version supplies 40GB of content and 500 presets from 50 sound sources. The free version of Signal limits you to 2GB of content and 25 presets from 4 sound sources, however, you still get to experience the full power of the instrument. You cannot save presets on the free version, and if you use it with the free version of Native Instruments’ Kontakt, you’ll be limited to 15 minutes per session. Full Kontakt owners will have no time limit. Check out the video to get a better idea of Signal’s sounds.

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