This Week in Free Stuff: Software from iZotope, Eventide & IK Multimedia

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Settle in for your week of music-making with three high-quality and highly usable pieces of software: an innovative $99 EQ plug-in (for free until October 31, 2017), a stereo-widening plug-in from none other than iZotope, and the analog synth-mimicking IK Multimedia Syntronik, which is available in both free or paid versions for iPad and Mac/PC.

Newfangled Audio & Eventide EQuivocate EQ Plug-in

It’s not often when you can grab a free plug-in that will soon be a full priced offering, but Eventide has the offer going through Halloween 2017 for the EQuivocate EQ. Nor is this your everyday EQ plug-in. EQuivocate’s 26 linear-phase auditory filter bands are distributed along the MEL Spectrum to approximate the critical bands of the human ear. Changes to these bands should then sound transparent and natural.

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EQuivocate’s other big trick, Match EQ, smoothly matches the tonality of one track to another. That’s good for blending two tracks together, complimenting each other, or matching a final master to the tonality of a reference track.

EQuivocate includes artist presets and a Compare button for toggling between two settings. This is a can’t-miss freebie, so get a free iLok account if you don’t already have one, because an iLok username is required to activate EQuivocate.

iZotope Ozone Imager Stereo Widening Plug-in

As part of iZotope’s ongoing tradition of sneak-previewing a trait of an upcoming product with a free micro plug-in, the company has released Ozone Imager, a stereo widening or narrowing plug-in that uses imaging technology straight from its flagship Ozone mixing/mastering suite. The new O8N2 will be out in October and will include new additions like a Visual Mixer.

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For now, you can start thickening up tracks with the Ozone Imager, which works great for example to widen single-note sources such as vocals and guitar/synth leads. The simple and elegant Ozone Image interface gives you visual feedback and minimal but purposeful controls for widening or narrowing tracks. See also how you can win iZotope software by sharing posts about Ozone Imager.

IK Multimedia Syntronik Free Editions for iPad and Mac/PC
This week IK Multimedia released an iPad version of its Syntronik virtual instrument, a synth workstation format that offers a total of 17 instruments based on 37 classic and sought-after hardware synthesizers. Syntronik was recently released as a desktop standalone instrument and 64-bit plug-in for Mac and PC. Both the iPad and desktop versions use the same technology, including a hybrid synthesis architecture that combines digital modeling with sampling, and “Drift,” a proprietary technique for varying the phase, color, and pitch of the samples to mimic hardware oscillators.

The full version of the massive Syntronik for Mac/PC includes 50GB of content and more than 2,000 presets. The free version selects 50 of those instrument presets from each of the 17 Syntronik synths, as well as 38 effects, parts, layers and arpeggiators to play and edit. The full Syntronik iPad app has 1,200 presets, as well as multis and arpeggios. Its free edition pulls 25 of those presets. Both free versions are fully functional, just limited in the amount of available sounds. If you decide to upgrade your free Syntronik, the desktop version costs $49 for each synthesizer or $299 ($199 crossgrade price) for all 17, and the iPad version costs $9.99 each synthesizer or $39.99 for everything.

You are now set up for some new penny-pinching musical experimentation. Enjoy!

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