This Week in Free Stuff: Summer Samples & an IDM Instrument

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Traditionally, summer is not the season for buckling down and focusing on bidness. Investors often say to sell off stocks in May, and afternoon rush hour begins a 1pm on Friday as everyone clears out of the office for their weekend plans. And apparently, soundware producers are so cheerful they just can’t wait to give away their stuff. Function Loops and Ghosthack both put up limited-time free summer sound packs this week, but you have to get them before they remember that they are running businesses and take them down.

Then for any latecomers to this article, there’s another freebie without a timer on it: the Channel Robot Slice - IDM V4, a fun and useful beat looping/slicing/glitching Kontakt instrument. All these giveaways require you to give up an email address first. Enjoy working on your studio tan!

Channel Robot Slice - IDM V4
An instrument producer on Kontakt Hub, Channel Robot has been putting out partial and/or old versions of its inventive products for free, and Kontakt users have a lot to love about them. Slice - IDM V4 includes a folder of IDM beats, patterns and presets for the Slice loop player/tweaker/slicer instrument.

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Each step in the 32-step player represents one beat in a loop, and each preset contains 12 loops. An additional 12 patterns determine the order in which the steps play back. During playback, you can also trigger any step at will from a controller, as well as set reverse, repeat, random, unison and mute values for each step. An 8-effect section with individual effect controls also helps make this a very useful freebie indeed.

Function Loops Summer Piano Loops (Limited Time!)
To celebrate its SHARP label hitting big on the Beatport Sounds charts, Function Loops is giving away SHARP’s Summer Piano Loops WAV and MIDI pack for a limited time. It’s kind of crazy that piano and organ chords from a near 30-year old Korg M1 can still make warm summer nights cool, but piano tracks still hit, and they may never go out of style.

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In this 400MB pack, you get 100 royalty-free, key labeled, 24-bit/44.1kHz WAV files, all of which are 4 measures at 124 BPM. There are also 100 piano MIDI loops.

Ghosthack Free Sample Pack Bundle (Limited Time!)
If you haven’t been keeping up with Ghosthack’s free offers, here’s your chance to get them all in one place. As a limited-time summer special, Ghosthack has bundled up all its best free sample packs into one 700MB, 500+ sample bundle. Everything is 24-bit, royalty-free WAV and applies well to all styles of bass music, house, trap and other EDM styles.

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Here’s how the bundle breaks down:
•78 Female Vocal Samples
•60 Basslines
•20 808 Basses
•20 Clicks and Cuts
•15 Cymbal FX
•22 Hi-Hats
•20 Spacey Pads
•13 Vinyl Crackles
•Ghosthack's Neurostep (80 Samples)
•Ghosthack's Free Neurofunk Pack (70 Samples)
•Ghosthack's Dubstep & Trap Pack 7 (60 Samples)

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