This Week in Free Stuff: Synths & Sounds

Destroyed Signal WAVs, a brand-new sample based Kontakt instrument and a tried-and-true pure soft synth.
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Lately I’ve been geeking out on picture soundtracks at the same time that I’ve also been enjoying the growing number of free packs coming out from the independent sound designer community. To complement another find in that area, we also point you toward a brand-new sample based Kontakt instrument and a tried-and-true pure soft synth.

Man Makes Noise Destroyed Signals WAVs
This recommendation comes from a composer and sound designer listed at, where you can find audio job openings, such as this week’s composer’s assistant at Blizzard, sound designer at and audio programmer at Ubisoft.

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While Tapsa Kuusniemi works on some larger commercial products, his Man Makes Noise site has dropped a couple of freebies to whet our appetites. The Destroyed Signals download is 15 24-bit/48kHz WAVs of frazzled transmissions that would make great sound effects for sci-fi imagery, material for making glitchy percussion sounds and noise filler.

The other giveaway is only for owners of the übersynth U-he Bazille: 25 cinematic Bazille presets.

Green Oak Crystal VST Soft Synth
This semi-modular synth with patch mutation has been around for an incredible 15 years, although it was recently made available as an iPhone or iPad app for $4.99. Last year’s update of the free Crystal synth VST for Mac and PC increased the number of parameters available for DAW automation, and you can share patches between the iPad app and the desktop version.

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Channel Robot FreeForm Vol. 1 ROMpler for Kontakt
Channel Robot makes drum and Kontakt instrument material aimed at genres like drum ’n’ bass and IDM. For it’s first free goodie, it has bestowed upon us the FreeForm Vol. 1 ROMpler for Kontakt or the free Kontakt Player. It includes 40 individual Kontakt instruments with plenty of synthesis controls, as well as Channel Robot’s signature effect controls: 4 independent effects slots with 20 effects per slot and another 4 send effects slots with 5 effects options per send.

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