This Week in Free Stuff: The PG-8x Synth & EDM Risers

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Like me, many people love plug-ins more than any other type of musical giveaway. A good new effect or instrument plug-in is always a treat for dropping into your latest project, and to get that kind of quality for free makes it all the sweeter. So in honor of the late Roland founder Ikutaro Kakehashi (1930-2017) and his 30 Top Instruments and Innovations, enjoy this emulation of the lovely Roland JX-8P synth.

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Martin Lüder PG-8x 2.0
If you bought a vintage Roland JX-8P analog polysynth back in the day, you got played if it didn’t include the PG-800 programmer. The JX-8P used a wack digital menu system for programming unless you had the PG-800’s bank of knobs and sliders for hands-on control. But now you can forget about all that and just use Martin Lüder’s excellent PG-8x 2.0 plug-infor Mac/Windows: a JX-8P/PG-800 emulator that sounds fantastic. The virtual synth emulates the 2-DCO and 24dB/octave filter architecture of the original but adds extra polyphony (12 voices), aftertouch support, MIDI learn and extra LFO functions. You can even import JX-8P patches that you get off the Internet as MIDI Sysex data. If that’s not worth a little micro-donation to Lüder’s Paypal account, you really are a cheapskate after my own heart.

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Function Loops Future EDM Risers
Soundware house Function Loops has become one of the most reliable benefactors for our free-stuff needs. Even its paid titles, like the recent 2.6GB Psytrance Building Blocks or its sample/MIDI file/Sylenth preset packages such as Deep House 2017 and Energy Trap, cost less than $20.

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For it’s latest giveaway, Function Loops’ sub-label Sharp has zipped up 101 “Future EDM Risers,” and despite what the title implies, they are actually available now! Every riser in the 350MB package has been recorded at a tempo of 128 BPM, and they range from 7-18 seconds. They also vary in dynamic range, energy level and sonic character

Irrupt Free Content for Bitwig Studio 2 and the 2.1 Update
Producing content specifically for Ableton Live has become a cottage industry of it own, but many well-respected soundware shops have also committed to the upstart Ableton challenger Bitwig Studio. One of those, the Berlin/Denver operation Irrupt, has committed a couple of nice collections to Bitwig Studio 2 users. Irrupt Toolbox for Bitwig Studio 2 is available now and includes about 800 MB of bass, drum, lead synth, chord, vocal and effects loops at 85-128 BPM.

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But I’m really looking forward to the 280-file Irrupt Eurorack soundpack of drum machine kits, bass and melodic loops all made from modular Eurorack gear that will be included with the Bitwig Studio 2.1 update slated for release by the end of this month.

You’ll need a Bitwig Studio 2 license to get these downloads, but the raw audio files will work in any program.

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