This Week in Free Stuff: Unlimited Cloud Storage and a GB of Samples

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Free’s free, and free’s good, but we really love it when something that used to cost money no longer does. That essentially happened this week when the online music collaboration hub Blend switched it’s policy from requiring Dropbox for cloud storage to offer unlimited cloud backup from Blend itself. That’s potentially a huge score for Blend users, because if you wanted more than the 2GB of free Dropbox storage, you had to pay $8.25/month for Dropbox Plus, which gets you 1TB of cloud storage plus extra features.

This leads to the question: how can music collaboration services like Blend and Splice offer free accounts and free cloud storage and stay in business, when charging for cloud storage is the core of other companies’ business? Well, Blend is owned by hardware innovator Roli, and Splice has online marketplaces for sounds and plug-ins. Let’s hope that’s enough to keep us backing up our projects to free cloud storage until the clouds refuse to rain.

Blend Desktop App with Unlimited Cloud Backup
The online music collaboration site Blend has released a simple Mac and Windows desktop app that operates as a menu bar item and shows your list of Blend projects, your notifications and a feed of Blend Features, including remix contests, tutorials, notable new shared projects, etc. Blend is free to join, and along with the new app, it has announced that it now offers free unlimited cloud backup for your music projects, and those projects will be integrated and auto-updated from the desktop app. Previously, Blend had required Dropbox to store your projects, but that’s no longer the case. The most analogous alternative service to Blend, Splice, was already offering free unlimited cloud backup, so this update to Blend’s terms puts the two collaborative music hubs on more equal footing.

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SampleScience Nostromos Free LoopPack
I’ve previously highlighted the free LE version of SampleScience Nostromos, a sample-based plug-in with 80 spacey sounds aimed at musical scores and ambient material. The full version sells for $29.99, but often goes on discount for limited promotions. To get a taste of what it’s all about, check out the new Nostromos Free LoopPack—10 key-labelled WAV loops at either 90 or 120bpm. The loops are atmospheric, droning, or relaxing synth lines for your downtempo, cinematic, industrial or other compositions.

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Function Loops Label Sampler 2017 Part 1
Before even the first quarter of 2017 has expired, Function Loops has already shared its free Label Sampler 2017 Part 1, a generous 1GB of unpacked select by the label group owner from some of its most popular recent titles. The more than 300 loops, one-shots, MIDI files and presets cover genres such as trap, EDM, psytrance, pop, deep tech, future bass, and progressive, tropical and G-house.

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