This Week in Free Stuff: UVI Beathawk, Serum Presets & TR-505 Loops

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It’s Labor Day here in the United States, and even though I’m supposed to be doing my civic duty by not working, and stuffing myself silly with grilled food, I just had to tell you all about a very limited-time, but also very worth-your-time free offer.

You see, I normally steer clear of mentioning such limited-time offers, but UVI is giving away its Beathawk iOS beat-oriented workstation app for the next couple of days, and it’s one that I use and recommend even if you have to pay the normal $9.99 price.

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If you’re too late for that offer, you can still get in on the excellent windfall of free presets and wavetables for the popular Xfer Serum synthesizer plug-in and the TR-505 loops below. Now with that out of the way, I’m dismissed to go and eat myself into a mild coma.

UVI BeatHawk iOS Music Workstation
Only from now through September 6th, 2017, UVI is giving away its BeatHawk complete portable music studio for iPad and iPhone on the iOS App Store in observance of Labor Day.

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I’ve been a fan of BeatHawk for a while, and I find it every bit as useful or even more so as a perhaps better-known beat workstation app like iMPC. It helps you put down your musical ideas quickly and anywhere you can take an iPad or iPhone.

BeatHawk comes with many high-quality UVI sounds, instruments, and effects. You can also create and sample your own sounds and use a pad layout or keyboard interface to perform and sequence beats and melodies, mix, arrange, and playback songs with a hardware-inspired workflow.

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Recent updates have made BeatHawk compatible with Ableton Link, and it also supports MIDI, Inter-App Audio, Audio Unit v3 plugins, Audiobus, AudioCopy, and WIST. The app can export stems, full mixes, MIDI tracks, and Ableton Live project files or share files via iCloud, Soundcloud and Youtube.

BeatHawk requires iOS 9+, an iPad 4 (or newer), or an iPhone 5 (or newer; iPhone 6 or newer is recommended) and 950MB of disk space. Remember, you can only get it free on iTunesfrom September 4th, 2017 to September 6th, 2017, so snap to it!

Free Xfer Serum Presets and Wavetables
The wavetable synthesizer plug-in Serum from Steve Duda’s Xfer brand has been building momentum steadily since it debuted a few years ago, especially among the electronic dance music scene. The recent ability to rent-to-own Serum for $9.99 a month through Splice has made it even more accessible and popular, and a large community of producers putting out presets and wavetables for the plug-in feeds back into its appeal.

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Both new and old Serum heads will want to check out these free preset and wavetable offers. First off, Ghosthack has a free collection of 10 free Serum bass patches and 20 additional wavetables to combine with them into your own sounds. The presets have full macro control and will help you learn programming secrets and tricks within the synthesizer. The presets have been made for dubstep, Riddim, trap, hybrid, future house, and EDM styles in mind.

For the Mother Lode of Serum wavetables, head over to Cymatics’ large list of free Serum wavetables, both from third parties and from Cymatics himself. To save you time, Cymatics also together a single download of an Ultimate Serum Library (300+ FREE Serum presets & wavetables). [Note: On the page to the Cymatics Ultimate Serum Library download, the email field that you must enter to get the download link did not load for me in the Chrome browser. It did, however, work in Safari.]

SampleScience TR-505 Drum Loops
With the resurgence of lo-fi sounds and vibes from the ‘80s, the Roland TR-505 drum machine probably scored the biggest reputational comeback of any of its ilk. While the TR-909 and TR-808 never went out of style, the 16 basic sampled sounds and minimal features of the TR-505 made it a butt of jokes for most of its 30+ plus year since debuting in 1986. However, when you listen to the varied loops in the new SampleScience TR-505 Drum Loops free/pay-what-you-want download, you hear a lot of potential. The makers have also mastered the loops and processed some of them with effects to spice them up.

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The 30 tempo-labeled loops range from 90-170bpm in genres from hip-hop and vaporwave to new wave and jungle. The 24-bit/44.1 kHz Acidized WAV files have also been pre-sliced for FL Studio SliceX.

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