This Week in Free Stuff: Vocal, Neurostep and SFX Samples

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We’re back in the free-loot-slinging mood, and some of our favorite soundware artists have stepped up yet again with some new promotional generosity. Besides this wealth of samples, iZotope has made its recent 5-video audio mixing masterclass available for free. Now, of course there are more free mixing videos online than you could watch in a Tibetan monk’s lifetime, but quality courses still cost money, and iZotope always brings it.

Ghosthack Neurostep
I don’t know who christened the name Neurostep or Neurofunk for an offshoot sub-genre of bass music, but I dig the wavelength they’re riding. Neuro-hacking and brain health are SO hot right now. Producing this genre with Ghosthack’s new Neurostep pack is guaranteed to raise your IQ five points or your money back. It has 80 total samples and 140bpm loops focusing on drums, synth pads and key-labeled bass in a 172 MB unzipped pack. You can hear the demo for yourself below. I’ll just say that when Migos star in a sci-fi dystopia movie directed by James Gunn (let���s get that poppin’ soon), I want the soundtrack to be Neurostep.

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Glitchmachines Cybernetics
Prolific and multi-talented, Glitchmachines boss man Ivo Ivanov puts out amazing effect plug-ins and sound-design packs with his company, such as the most recent Dialect ($49) collection of processed and unprocessed Foley recordings. You can even have him as your sound-design, production or music career mentor with the new online Pyramind Mentorship Network.

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However, your first taste of Ivo’s Glitchmachines is free: the Cybernetics Nanopack (pictured top of the page) supplies you with 256 MB across 51 expertly manipulated 24-bit/96kHz WAV files. You get some amazing robotic, metallic, granular, gooey and intricately morphed-out effects, and unlike many free giveaways, they are all exclusive samples that you won’t find in Glitchmachines’ other products.

Function Loops Filthy Vocals & Vocals Tutorial (Limited Time!)
Pick up this one now! Function Loops made this 555 MB download free for Valentines Day, and it’s still available for a limited time. There are about 300 total WAV files, featuring vocal samples in both dry and effected versions. They were all recorded at 120 BPM, and the download includes a 10% off coupon for the Function Loops shop. While you’re at it, you can check out Function Loops’ new vocal mixing tutorial below.

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iZotope Mix Resolutions Audio Mixing Masterclass
Need more mixing videos?! iZotope presented a 5-week audio mixing masterclass series earlier this year, and now the whole lot—almost 2 hours total—is ready for your free learning pleasure. The series focuses on 10 essential mixing tips from Berklee professor and Grammy-nominated producer/engineer Enrique Gonzalez Müller. You’ll learn stuff like developing good mixing habits, gain staging, frequency distribution and plenty more.

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