This Week in Free Stuff: Waves Dave Audé Remixing Masterclass & More

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Days have grown long, and warm breezes are in the air. Step outside; summertime’s in bloom. But don’t get lazy, because it’s also time for dedicated self-improvers to go to summer school. This week two very intriguing free video courses have emerged from two of the biggest names in audio: Waves and Focusrite. While free video tutorials are a dime a dozen, everyone knows there’s a difference between DeVry and MIT. Something tells me these online classes taught by real-world experts will be worth your attention. And read one for some interesting free foley sound effects below, as well.

Waves Dave Audé Remixing Masterclass Live Webinar
On the eve of summer solstice, perennial Billboard dance chart remixer Dave Audé (Mark Ronson, Bruno Mars, Beyoncé) will be giving away his secrets to successful remixing that have placed him on the charts 122 times. Register for this live webinar taking place Wednesday, June 21 at 3pm EST, and you’ll find out how Audé:

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- Tunes and blends multiple kicks
- Fattens up the low end with tape saturation
- Uses console summing on busses
- Heats up the bass with analog distortion
- Brightens up pianos & synths to cut through the mix
- Makes vocals sound huge without drowning them in reverb
- Polishes the master buss to get it ready for the dance floor

You’ll also have a chance to get your questions answered. The webinar will also include a J—Lab Flex headphones giveaway and details on a remix contest.

Focusrite Academy Free Drum Recording Course
The new Focusrite Academy will offer free online video tutorials teaching the art of digitally recording acoustic and electric instruments of all kinds. Available now, the first course teaches Drum Recording: all aspects of recording, processing, and mixing a full drum kit in the studio. You’ll learn about the microphones, interfaces, and outboard gear required, as well as the skills and techniques involved.

Twenty total videos involve A-list session drummers Craig Blundell and Alessandro Lombardo demonstrating with producer Tim Harbour how to set up drum kit microphones in different configurations; apply compression, phase correction, and effects; edit the recorded tracks for timing and groove; and more aspects of engineering and producing the best-sounding drum tracks.

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Colossal London Pubs Sound Effects
After a productive day remixing and recording, there’s nothing quite like a pint or three at the pub, is there? This new collection of more than 8 hours of pub crowd noise and ambience is sure to make you pine for the bars of jolly old England. Rowan Watson and Luke Gentry set out to create the ultimate pub crowd sound effects library, and you read about how they did it, as well as sign up for 26 free minutes of their results.

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Those free samples are royalty free; you just need to give up your email address to access the download link.

The full 524-minute, 24-bit/96kHz collection accesses many different locations and crowd types, from blotto soccer hooligans to orderly whisperers on Quiz Night. It comes in two volumes beginning at $72 each (currently on sale for $57.60) or $118 for the complete 23 GB collection.

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