Timeline: From the EM Archives, Part 2

Professional Audio Product Debuts Timeline in EM
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Sony F-V7ET “Echo Mic”

This dynamic cardioid vocal mic offered onboard vibrato and echo effects. A rocker switch controlled the effect speed.

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Ensoniq MIDI Log

Was it merely a percussion controller? It featured both In and Out ports and is seen here mated with a rack version of the Mirage sampler.

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Stepp Electronics DG1 Digital Guitar

It wasn't a MIDI guitar. The DG1 included synth voice boards, a power supply, and an interface. Priced at a cool $6,995.

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Sting EW2 Electronic Wind Instrument

This Japanese-made electronic wind instrument used a single cable to connect the nickel-plated controller to the synth module.

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Technos Acxel Resynthesizer

Featuring Sound Moulding in Real Time (SMIRT), the instrument promised “MIDI-controlled real-time additive synthesis” capabilities.

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Late 1980s

Speaker Array Logic Studio Monitor

The SAL system, which combined 64 speaker units using DSP, was claimed to allow everyone in the control room to “hear exactly the same sound.”