Timeline: NAMM Product Debuts, Part 1

Winter NAMM Audio Product Debuts Timeline in EM
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Early 1980s

The Sohler Keyboard

A symmetrical keyboard retrofit for any instrument. According to the brochure, only three fingering patterns needed to be learned to master this instrument.

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SGW Co. Solderstat

A handy wrist-strap solder dispenser. Accessory options included a static-control elastic strap and a coiled grounding cord.

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Sensor Frame Corporation VideoHarp

An optically scanned MIDI controller that “converts moving images of the fingers into music” using a Motorola MC68000-based microcomputer.

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Riday Systems T-91

A portable, alternative MIDI controller with a unified fingering keyboard designed to make it equally easy to play in every key.

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Simmons TurtleTrap

This multipad MIDI controller offered ten trigger zones and seven inputs for external controllers.

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Jim Corrigan C2P2

A moderno MIDI controller that featured sliding finger levers and fret controllers, as well as many other buttons.