To Have and Have Not

Provide these basic needs and learn how to save time editing your audio.

Provide these basics for your talent to eliminate factors that add to your editing time:

• Padded music stands
• A stopwatch for actors for timed copy
• Headphones for each actor with talk-back if necessary
• Final, approved, double-spaced 12-point copy for all, with sections or pages clearly numbered and wide margins for notes
• Phonetic spellings of unfamiliar words or names
• Windscreens or filters to minimize plosive consonants
• Pencils for marking copy
• Sturdy stools for longer sessions – no squeaky seats or chairs
• Plenty of room temperature drinking water in the booth (better for the voice than hot or cold liquids)
• Lemon juice (optional) to add to the drinking water to minimize lip-smacking and mouth noises
• Chewing gum, also to minimize lip-smacking and mouth noises
• Throat-lubricating spray (available at music stores)
• Healthy, energizing snacks
• Patience and a sense of humor
• Minimal caffeine and dairy beverages; tea dries out the voice, caffeine contributes to frenetic-sounding readings, and dairy products fosters the production of phlegm
• Give breaks as needed, especially if your studio tends to get warm.