Tone2 Announces Gladiator

Tone2 has announced the Gladiator synthesizer plug-in.
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Tone2 has announced Gladiator (Mac/Win; $199), a new synthesizer plug-in that utilizes Harmonic Content Morphing (HCM) synthesis.

Gladiator offers 750 sounds from Vengeance and other sources, FM and AM synthesis, phase modulation, sample playback, 18 oscillators per voice, modular routing, a variety of filters and effects, intelligent microtuning, and much more. The plug-in comes in VST 2.4 and AU formats, and the Mac version is available as a Universal Binary.

According to Tone2, the PC version of Gladiator is available now, and the Mac version will be released soon. For a time-limited demo version and demo songs, visit