Blue Cat Audio Flanger and Stereo Flanger v2.0 New versions of Blue Cat Audio’s freeware Flanger and Stereo Flanger plug-ins (for Windows DirectX and VST) sport advanced MIDI control with MIDI learn, full automation support, and skinnable user interface. Voice Vol. 2 Liquid Instrument Con

Blue Cat Audio Flanger and Stereo Flanger v2.0

New versions of Blue Cat Audio’s freeware Flanger and Stereo Flanger plug-ins (for Windows DirectX and VST) sport advanced MIDI control with MIDI learn, full automation support, and skinnable user interface.

Voice Vol. 2 Liquid Instrument

Consisting of 300 choir-based vocal phrases (about 2,400 loops), The Voice Vol. 2 Liquid Instrument ($199.95) is a cross-platform plug-in for VST, Audio Units, and RTAS. Voices are individually editable within the choir.

Visualizer 1.0 Beta 3

Introducing more functionality and several fixes for this audio analysis tool, NuGen Audio has just announced the release of Visualizer 1.0 beta 3 — available as a free trial download from their website.

VSTi Host Now Available in Universal Binary Version

Defective Records’ VSTi Host Version 3 ($35, update from Version 2 $10) allows a VST instrument and up to four effect plug-ins to be used outside of larger host applications. It is available for Intel Mac architectures as well as PowerPC, and also supports ReWire and DirectConnect.

Feldspar Special Edition Multi-FX VST Plug-In

This Special Edition of the Feldspar Multi FX VST is a slightly altered version of the original with a few notable changes: It has one envelope and settings instead of two, and four modulation routings in the matrix instead of six. A reverb effect has been added, the CPU usage has gone down by about 1/3, and the number of patches has doubled.

PM8 Passive Summing Mixer

The PM8 from SM Pro Audio is an 8x4 passive mixer/summing unit designed for DAW users to avoid unnecessary A/D and D/A conversions. Merging up to eight analog channels into clean stereo pairs, with all the sonic depth and dynamics intact, the PM8’s level control, panning, and muting controls give the unit a distinct analog sonic quality.

Mbox2 Pro

The Mbox2 Pro audio/MIDI interface ($799) provides high-speed FireWire-powered connectivity, up to 24-bit/96kHz audio resolution, and a wide range of analog and digital I/O — as well as MIDI Time Stamping support, Word Clock I/O, and dedicated studio monitor outputs.

RND Universal Binary Versions of DAW Plug-Ins

Roger Nichols Digital’s DAW plug-ins (Dynam-izer, Uniquel-izer, Frequal-izer, Finis, and Inspector XL; $249–$299) are now available in Universal Binary versions for Intel-based Apple Macintosh Core Duo systems, in VST, RTAS, and AU formats. All are available for free 14-day evaluation from the company’s website.

RED Type A Tube Mic

Utilizing a single hand-selected ECC88 vacuum tube, the Type A ($1,345) mic is based on a system of interchangeable capsules ($249–$849 each). The package includes a custom-built flight case, high-definition cable, shock mount, and the PowerStream power supply, which offers a soft-start feature that maximizes tube life and minimizes startup

RiffWorks Line 6 Edition Version 2.0

Available as a stand-alone software guitar recording application for Line 6 USB and GuitarPort Rifftracker bundles, RiffWorks Ver 2.0 is compatible with OS X and XP alike. It includes a 60-day free trial for RiffLink online collaboration, and RiffCaster instant podcasting technology. Pricing: $99 as an add-on for Line 6 GuitarPort, TonePort, and PODxt; $265.99 in boxed version with the Line 6 GuitarPort.

Compadre Beatpuncher VST 1.1

OtiumFX has announced an update for the Compadre Beatpuncher VST plug-in compressor, which fixes initial glitches in regards to registration issues and panning behavior. The upgrade is free for all 1.0 registered users.

Surge VST Plug-In Ver 1.2

Surge (approx. $169) combines analog-style and wavetable oscillators, configurable dual filters with a feedback loop, and massive modulation capabilities. It’s compatible with Windows XP, XP x64, Server 2003, and OS X.

R-122V Vacuum Tube Ribbon Mic

Royer Labs is now shipping its newest addition to their R-series line, the R-122V ($2,995). This ribbon-based tube mic comes complete with a camera-style case with a dedicated power supply and shock mount; the included cable set is equipped with military-grade locking type XLR connectors.

Audiowarrior Master Songwriter Ver. 1.0

Just released for Reason, the 4GB Master Songwriter ($199.99) sample workstation Reason Refill comes complete with acoustic/electric drum kits, guitars, basses, analog synths, pianos, organs, sound effects, and more.

Audio Kontrol 1 USB 2.0 Audio Interface

Audio Kontrol 1 is equipped with studio-grade 24-bit/192kHz Cirrus Logic converters and offers a 2-in/4-out configuration complete with mic pre, “Hi-Z” instrument input, and headphone amp. Four freely assignable control elements on the top side of the unit make it possible to adjust any software parameter directly from the interface, allowing it to double as a basic controller device.

Aviom AN-16/o Output Module

Now complete with DB25 connectors, Aviom’s new AN-16/o ($944.95) converts 16 channels of uncompressed, 24-bit digital data transmitted via A-Net into 16 discrete mic or line-level analog audio output channels.

Xboard 61 USB/MIDI Controller

E-mu has shipped its new Xboard 61 USB/MIDI Controller for PC and Mac, featuring 61 premium full-size keys with aftertouch, 16 programmable real-time control knobs, 16 new patch select/program change buttons, Xboard Control editing software, and a full version of E-mu’s Proteus X Version 1.5 Desktop Sound Module with over 3GB of sounds.

Nine Volt Audio Stylin Basslines

Stylin Basslines ($69.99) is the first bass collection designed for Stylus RMX users. With over 550 loops, this collection covers a wide range of styles and grooves using vintage, modern, fretless, and electric upright basses, along with vintage analog, modern analog, and computer-based

Fireface 400 36-Channel FireWire Interface

The Fireface 400 ($1,149), a portable, DSP-based 36-channel FireWire interface, boasts active jitter suppression, additional stand-alone functionality, direct device operation, professional quality I/Os, and a 648-channel matrix router — all of which is operational up to 192kHz.

Furman MAX In-Wall PowerKit-TL

Used in conjunction with a Furman power conditioner, this in-wall electronic extension system discreetly supplies safe, pure power from the main equipment rack to any remote display device, amplifier, or powered subwoofer, while at the same time improving sound quality.

Sterling Audio Studio Condenser Mic Line

Sterling Audio has introduced a new line of condenser mics — the ST66 ($699.99), ST55 ($499.99), ST44 ($699.99), ST33 ($499.99), and ST31 ($149.99). With the exception of the ST31, all models feature an attenuation switch, a 75Hz-12dB/octave low frequency roll-off switch, cardioid polar pattern, and transformer-isolated output.