Toolbox: New Gear!

What Efficient, simple, inexpensive reverb plug-in (AU/VST/RTAS; 32/64-bit for Windows VST)

2CAudio Breeze Reverb Plug-In

What Efficient, simple, inexpensive reverb plug-in (AU/VST/RTAS; 32/64-bit for Windows VST)
Why You want a fine-sounding reverb, but don’t want to pay a lot—or spend hours tweaking it.
How Breeze, the little brother to 2CAudio’s award-winning Aether plug-in, offers a simplified, minimal interface that makes it easy to dial up and adjust sounds. Macros adjust multiple “background” parameters with individual controls.
Price $149.95


Switchcraft 900 Series Instrument Direct Boxes

What Direct box for stage or studio
Why The ground lift switch can be controlled remotely using +48V phantom power from your console.
How There are two operating modes: Manual, for toggle-switch ground lift, and Phantom, for remote ground-lift control. The SC900 features a Jensen transformer, while the SC900CT offers a custom transformer.
Price SC900CT, $230


TASCAM Portastudio for Apple iPad

What TASCAM’s legendary Portastudio is now an iPad app.
Why For portable recording, the iPad/Portastudio combination is compelling.
How Based on the TASCAM Porta One introduced in 1984, the virtual version records four tracks, one at a time, with VU meters and a cassette transport contributing a vintage vibe. When done, mix your recording to a stereo track that appears in iTunes.
Price $9.99


Universal Audio Studer A800 Tape Recorder Plug-In

What Tape-sound emulation plug-in for the UAD-2 platform
Why You want the sound of analog tape, but not the hassles.
How The A800 plug-in, which is endorsed by Studer, models the entire tape path and hardware electronics—while offering the sounds of four different tape formulas. Sonic options range from clean to saturated to clipped.
Price $349 (not including UAD2 card)


Best Service Production Tools Vol. 4

What 35 electro/tech/progressive house music toolkits
Why Put together modern-sounding, house-oriented dance floor tracks and soundtracks.
How Each toolkit contains individual samples, drum and instrument loops, Kontakt instrument presets, synth presets formatted for various instruments, MIDI files, and arranged song ideas—3.5GB total of content. All WAV files are available as Apple Loops and REX files for convenient stretching.
Price $99


Rycote Custom Shock Mounts for Milab Mics

What Their first collaborative product is a custom version of the Rycote InVision USM suspension for the Milab SRND 360 surround microphone.
Why Rycote has an exceptional reputation for shock mounts, which are now adapted to Milab mics.
How The mic mounting ring is acoustically decoupled from the rest of the suspension by Rycote’s vibration-resistant Lyre clips—they’re virtually indestructible, don’t sag over time, and don’t need re-threading. The system also provides greater isolation from vibrations compared to traditional mic suspension systems.
Price TBA


Antares Mic Mod EFX

What Plug-in (AU/VST/RTAS) that models 125 classic and vintage mics
Why Because you want more mic characteristics than you could ever afford.
How Specify the mic you used for recording the track (along with its pickup pattern and low-cut filter settings, if applicable), then specify the mic you want to emulate, as well as the amount of proximity effect, low-cut filtering, and pickup pattern (for variable- pattern mics). You can even add a taste of tube saturation.
Price $159