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Rain Recording Livebook Diablo Quad Core Mobile Audio Workstation

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What Notebook computer.
Why Features high performance components engineered specifically for demanding digital audio production.
Specs Intel's latest Core 2 Quad mobile processors, dual high performance hard drives, and up to 8GB of RAM. 17" widescreen display driven by up to two ATI Radeon Mobility graphics engines. Tested and certified for industry standard digital audio software and hardware including Pro Tools, SONAR, Cubase, and more.
PriceFrom $3,999 retail

Glyph GT 050Q

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WhatExternal hard drive.
WhyGlyph Technologies and Blastwave FX have partnered to offer hard drives preinstalled with HD sound effects libraries and search software.
SpecsEffects libraries Sonopedia, The BlastDrive, and TitleWave delivered on 250GB and 500GB Glyph GT 050Q drives. Libraries also ship with Blastwave FX Search Software, enabling users to search, audition, and drag and drop into most applications on MAC or PC.
Price$359 (250GB), $409 (500GB) retail

Akai Professional Vintage Beat Machines Sample Pack

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WhatSample library for MPC series music production workstations.
WhyAn extensive collection of common and uncommon beats, rhythm generators, and other synthesizers from the 1980s in a single, affordable download.
SpecsWorks with all MPC models, and contains samples and analog synthesis-based sounds from nearly all well-known units dating back to the 1960s. More than 55 different beat machines’ sounds included.
Price$29 retail

Moog Etherwave Plus

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WhatTheremin/control interface.
WhyExtends the Theremin’s gestural playing technique to the world of analog synthesis and beyond by allowing the user to control synthesizers and effects with the wave of a hand while playing the Theremin. It's also a stand-alone CV (Control Voltage) controller.
SpecsPitch & volume CV outputs facilitate control of different CV parameters with each hand. Gate output for triggering envelopes and other events. Pitch preview/headphone output with separate volume control lets you hear your note before the audience does.
Price$519 retail

Rivera Amplification SilentSister Isolation Cabinet

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WhatSpeaker cabinet for recording guitar.
WhyGet great amplified guitar tones at low levels.
SpecsAir labyrinth in rear attenuates sound level while relieving sealed compartment air pressure drawbacks. Inside panels designed to relieve standing waves and reflections. Two goosenecks wired with Neutrik XLR connectors. Celestion G12T-75 speaker. Rugged hardwood-core plywood finished in black Nyflex carpet. Built-in casters.
Price$999 Pro-user net

KEL Audio HM-3C

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WhatMid-diaphragm condenser mic.
WhyAffordable. Clean, open sound, and premium circuitry.
SpecsFeatures a specially tuned version of the popular HM-1 mic’s capsule with a tighter pattern and rising response for a cleaner, more open sound. Transformerless linear circuitry features high-grade brand name components. Recommended for all stringed instruments, percussion, ensemble recording, and select vocals.
Price$199 retail (includes aluminum flight case, custom shock mount, and shipping)

2CAudio Aether 1.0 Auto-Randomizing Algorithmic Reverb

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WhatReverb software plug-in.
WhyUltimate fidelity auto-randomizing algorithmic reverb plug-in available in Windows VST, OSX VST, and OSX audio unit formats.
SpecsExtreme precision floating-point engine. 33 space type models, and over 250 professionally designed factory presets. Reverb decays from 0.10 to 120 seconds, plus Infinite Decay mode. True Stereo and Hybrid Stereo modes. Supports sample rates up to 192K. Intuitive GUI design.
Price$349 retail ($249 introductory price until April 2009)

Kaces Rack Gear Line

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WhatLaptop/rack cases.
WhyThe laptop is becoming a live music mainstay in 21st century performance, and Kaces is catering to digital musicians.
SpecsAvailable in 2 and 4 spaces without wheels, and 2-, 4-, and 6-space models with wheels. A 20mm padded laptop pocket opens to the interior, allowing cables to be pre-wired for quick setup and easy transport. Lightweight, reinforced frame. Waterresistant luggage-grade nylon exterior.
Price$129–$229 retail