Toolbox, June 2009...

TC-Helicon VoiceTone Synth

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What Vocal processing pedal.
Why Brings together a collection of extreme, exotic, and contemporary sonic effects for anyone looking to add a modern edge to their live performances and studio productions.
How HardTune effect with user-selectable key or instrument-sensing. Transducer effects, such as megaphones, distortion, and radio voices. All effects can run simultaneously, and presets can be edited and stored. Instrument Thru allows normal instrument amplification and vocoding.
Price TBD

RME Fireface UC

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What USB audio interface.
Why Based on a newly developed RME Hammerfall core, the Fireface UC provides revolutionary ultra-low latencies even with multiple channels, removing current restrictions of typical USB audio interfaces.
How 18 ins and outs, eight of them analog. Two digitally controlled mic preamps along with two balanced universal inputs for line and instrument signals. Capable of sample rates up to 192kHz on all I/Os. Enhanced standalone operation with rotary encoder and front panel operation.
Price TBD, available in June 2009

Perimeter Sound Tone Set #6

What Dualtones for Line 6 Pod Farm software.
Why These amazing presets are ready to go right out of the box, just unzip the patches and copy them to your Pod Farm presets folder
How 128 patches sorted into four categories: Alternative, Blues, Clean, and Metal. This set was made by starting with over 200 patches from Tone Sets 1, 2, 3, and 5, and then combining and tweaking them to take advantage of the Dual Tone layering feature for a thicker sound, more textured tones, and a greater stereo spread.
Price $20

Universal Audio UAD 4K Series

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What Plug-ins that emulate the hit-making sound of the SSL 4000.
Why Getting the SSL 4K sound for a steal. UAD offers some of the best analog emulation plug-ins out there.
How 4K Channel Strip with the beloved Type E “black knob” EQ, transparent to “in your face” compressor, and “no-chatter” mode on the gate. The 4K Buss Compressor is a specially tailored buss compressor with characteristics ideal for the full mix or subgroups.
Price 4K Channel Strip $249, 4K Buss Compressor $199

Trance Blizzard

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What Audio triggered synthesizer VST plug-in.
Why You can now achieve classic synthesizer sounds found in modern electronic music by using your guitar or bass.
How It comes with 52 diverse presets, showcasing the sequencer and Trancegate effects. For the bassist, it includes two pickup tracking modes: one for the neck pickup and one for the bridge. For Windows use only.
Price Free download

Cakewalk VS-700C

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What V-Studio console for Sonar Producer.
Why Provides the deepest hardware/software integration of any control surface available today.
How Dedicated implementation of ACT (Active Controller Technology), which dynamically remaps controls based on how the user is working in SONAR. Provides instant control over any V-Link compatible video and imaging hardware. Can be purchased alongside a VS-700R I/O, which has 19 input channels, and eight digitally controlled mic pres with compression on each channel, to create the complete V-Studio 700 system.
Price TBD

TC Electronic BMC-2

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What High-def digital-to-analog converter and monitor control.
Why Predictable speaker and headphone control is an important part of the production process, and with the BMC-2, such luxury is always available.
How The REF key activates calibrated listening on both sets of speakers as well as on headphones. Contains outputs for digital and analog speakers. Provides a shortcut for revealing artifacts of data reduction.
Price TBD, shipping June 2009

McDSP Live Pack

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What A collection of highly acclaimed plug-ins for mixing live performances.
Why Features like ultra-low latency, superior sonic flexibility, and seamless integration with the Digidesign VENUE live sound system make Live Pack a “must-have” for any FOH or monitoring engineer.
How Channel G Compact, Chrome Tone, DE555, FutzBox, MC2000, ML4000, and NF575. In addition to supporting VENUE systems, Live Pack plug-ins also support TDM, RTAS, and AudioSuite formats on Pro Tools|HD, LE, and M-Powered systems.
Price $1,995