Toontrack Releases Big Rock Guitars EZmix Pack and EZmix Line Promotions

New Collection of Rock Oriented Guitar Tones for Multi-mix Tool EZmix 2
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Toontrack announced the release of the Big Rock Guitars EZmix Pack, a new collection of rock oriented guitar tones for their widely acclaimed multi-mix tool EZmix 2. Toontrack also announced EZmix Line promotions, several new bundle variations as well as an option to compose your own EZmix 2 6 Pack bundle.

About the Big Rock Guitars EZmix Pack

Thirty, or even forty, years ago, some guitarists hit notes that seem to resonate just as vividly now as back then. We’re talking about the icons – the flag bearers of the big guitar tones that changed the fabric of rock and whose legacy to this day keep trickling down to new generations of players across the globe.

This is where the Big Rock Guitars EZmix Pack is rooted – deep in the midst of the bursting ‘70s classic rock scene. But even if this collection blatantly nods at times gone by, it still aims to paint a picture of rock guitar as a whole, vintage or not. This is a tribute on a broader scale – to the amps, the players, the riffs and the past 40 years of guitar-driven music.

Expect all the tones you need for your deafening, tube-sizzling rhythms, your flange-infused twang and, of course, all your soaring leads. Regardless of whether you’re a writer of classic or modern rock, this collection’s got you covered.

Get your guitar out, school’s in session.

• 50 unique guitar tones
• Inspired by the past 40 years of rock guitar
• Both vintage & modern tones
• Rhythm, clean, lead and effect tones

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