Tracktion V5.3 Available Now

Super Comping
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Tracktion Software Corporation (TSC) has announced the release of Tracktion V5.3 Music Production Software. Beyond the mere bug fixes that would be expected, this new update is packed with a number of ground breaking features.

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With this release, the Tracktion design team has streamlined user workflow and enhanced creativity by expanding the functionality of the program’s tools. For instance, the “comp tool” can now be used to merge MIDI clips and audio clips alike. In addition, multiple unrelated clips can be selected and turned into single files that can be rapidly edited, reversed and comped. These new capabilities are collectively known as “Super Comping.”

Rendering has now become a creative tool as well. MIDI clips and notes can be converted to audio clips, like "Super Comping," then instantly manipulated as new audio clips. This greatly speeds the editing process and provides maximum flexibility when composing.

Tracktion V5.3 introduces a powerful new Plug-in browser conveniently located on the main (Edit) page sidebar. It’s now possible to tag, search and find Plug-ins with just a couple keystrokes. Best of all, Plug-ins now simply drag & drop where needed directly from the browser - like almost everything else in the Tracktion paradigm.

This version also significantly improves MIDI performance. It’s now possible to automate gestures and inflections on individual notes. A new multi-channel MIDI clip support and polyphonic aftertouch have also been added.

Tracktion remains a powerful, easy-to-use DAW as well as a remarkable value. At under $60 for new licenses (under $30 for major upgrades) and a free, full-featured demo available, it makes sense to check it out at