TRENDING: Everybody Wants to be the DJ… Again

Google analysis results from Digital Music News show that interest in DJ controllers is way up since 2004, while drum machines and synthesizers are strangely down.
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Last week, we told you about some graphics published by Digital Music News based on Google's beta-stage topic-analysis tool that showed that almost every music genre except for electronic dance music went down in popularity from 2005 to now.

That's why it's curious that in Digital Music News' new series of graphics showing the popularity of musical instruments 2004-present (based on the same Google tool), the popularity of both drum machines and synthesizers has fallen steadily. However, it also shows that interest in DJ controllers went up noticeably in 2009, which may support the misconception some people have that electronic dance music just produces itself, and then you go and play it to a rabid audience of pill-poppers and collect a king's ransom in Bitcoin. 

Go see the full results for 26 instruments on Digital Music News. (Hint: get ready for a whole lotta ukulele love in 2016!)