Trouble in Paradise

Learn about installing Vienna Instruments Symphonic Cube in this online-only article from Electronic Musician.

Installing the Symphonic Cube was more trouble than it should have been. On the plus side, the installer displayed a running estimate of how long each disc and each library would take to install. When one disc was complete, though, the installer didn''t eject it or even emit a beep; instead, it just displayed a dialog box requesting the next disc. Granted, I expected it to take two or three days to copy and decompress 375 GB of data from DVD. If you don''t pay close attention, though, installation will take even longer.

Each time the installer asked for the next disc, it displayed the previous disc''s path in an editable dialog box; I can''t imagine why this is necessary. Just before inserting the fourth and final DVD in the first set, I accidentally hit the Delete key, and the path was erased. Nothing I typed made any difference; inserting a disc didn''t retrieve the path, nor did the installer provide any means to browse for it. (As it turned out, I should have typed /Volumes/VSLV01DVD3.) Clicking on OK yielding no response. If I clicked on Cancel, a message warned that all installed files would be deleted. In other words, I had no choice but to begin again at the first of four DVDs, wasting nearly three hours. This infuriating ability to continue between discs or do partial installs indicates a poorly designed installer. This is completely unacceptable, and VSL should remedy the problem.

Authorization is a three-stage process. First, you go to VSL''s Web site, log in as a registered Vienna Instruments user, and go to the library registration page. Enter each library''s serial number, and you''ll receive an activation code. Open Syncrosoft''s License Control Center (LCC) application, select License Download from the Wizards menu, enter the activation code, and select your Vienna key. You need to go through this process for the standard version of each library you own, and again for each extended version if you''ve purchased those. (You can, however, enter both codes at the same time to receive a single authorization code.) Needless to say, this process can take awhile if you''ve installed the entire Extended Library. As I was going through the process, LCC lost contact with the Vienna key five times, even through it had seen it just a moment before. Restarting LCC put me back on track, and I continued until all licenses were installed.