Turn Live 4 into a Loop Creation Machine

Objective: Render loopable regions in Live 4 to disk.
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Background: Live is a fantastic program for creating/performing loop-based music, but it’s also great for creating raw loops that can be imported into Live or other programs. It’s possible to render loops from the Session or Arranger view; we’ll describe the latter. (Note: You can turn these loops into REX files with Propellerheads’ ReCycle, or convert to the “acidized” file format using Sony Acid, Sound Forge, or Cakewalk Sonar.)

1. Define the region you want to export (shown highlighted in green) by dragging the Loop Start/Punch In and Loop End/Punch Out markers to define the loop start and end.

2. Mute tracks to be excluded from the loop by clicking on the green speaker button (a gray speaker button indicates a muted track).

3. At the Master track, adjust the level parameter for the maximum meter reading short of distortion, then back off a bit to give some headroom.

4. To select the region you want to export, click on the loop/region “brace” (highlighted in green for clarity) or the left or right loop marker. The selected region becomes highlighted.

5. Go File > Render to Disk or type Ctrl-R.

6. Select the desired rendering options (WAV or AIF format, bit depth, sample rate, etc.), then click OK to render the file.