Turn Percussive Sounds into Melodic Lines

Objective: Create melodies out of digital audio samples. Background: Adobe Audition’s “Music” function lets you select a region of digital audio, then “map” it to a melody line you create by dragging notes, rests, and chords on to a staff. Audition copies and pitch-shifts the region to create the specified melody, and inserts silence as needed to match the timing. It sounds goofy, but allows for some wild effects. This example shows how to create a melodic line out of a percussive hit, but the concept applies to any sound.
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1) Select Edit Waveform view.

2) Load a short percussive file (timbale, clave, and so on). Select it as a region; this becomes a quarter note that will be used as the basis of the music.

3) Click on the Effects tab, open the Special menu, and double-click on Music.

4) Drag notes on to the staff to create the phrase you want.

5) Specify other variables as desired (Tempo, Transposition, and so on).

6) Click the Listen button, which previews the melody using a default MIDI sound.

7) Click on OK, and the single hit is rendered as the melodic line you created.