UAD 4K Series Joins the Universal Audio Family of Plug Ins

  Version 5.3 Software Includes SSL 4000* Console Emulations
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Universal Audio today announced the release of the UAD
4K™ Channel Strip and UAD 4K Buss Compressor plug-ins for the award
winning UAD platform.

The UAD 4K Channel Strip is an exacting circuit emulation of the SSL
4000 G+, complete with the Type E “black knob” four-band EQ widely
held to be the favorite in SSL’s console lineage. The companion UAD
4K Buss Compressor, with its simple control set and transparent
compression characteristics, faithfully models the 4000 G+ buss
compressor. The UAD 4K Channel Strip sells for $249, while the UAD 4K
Buss Compressor is available for $199. Each of the UAD 4K plug-ins
includes a 14-day fully functional demo and is now available for
purchase to UAD-1 and UAD-2 owners.

"Universal Audio's UAD 4K plug-ins finally give fans of the SSL large
format consoles DAW tools that truly capture the myriad of circuit
and sonic details that made the 4000 such a fantastic desk to work
on,” commented UA Product Manager Will Shanks. “We were happy to meet
customer’s requests for these amazing tools”.

· The UAD 4K plug-ins emulate the hit-making sound of the SSL 4000

· UAD circuit emulation of the 4000 G+ with the beloved Type E
“black knob” EQ

· Flexible channel compressor range from transparent to “in your

· Highly responsive channel Gate including “no-chatter” mode
derived from later SSL designs

· Specially tailored buss compressor characteristics ideal for
the full mix or subgroups

· Fixed Attack, Release and Ratio buss compressor settings

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