U&I Software Announces MetaSynth 5

MetaSynth 5 is a Universal Binary, multi-processor update for MetaSynth Pro electronic music and sound design software.
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U&I Software has announced MetaSynth 5 (Mac; $599), a Universal Binary, multi-processor update for the company's MetaSynth Pro electronic music and sound design software.

MetaSynth provides six unique rooms. The Effects Room provides standard and non-standard DSP effects with an envelope-oriented approach to parameter control; the Image Synth offers customizable microtonality, loudness and spatial orientation; the Image Filter Room applies a similar graphic approach to creating dynamic audio filters and EQ; the Spectrum Synth provides spectral granular synthesis that allows you to analyze and re-sequence a source sound's harmonics; the Sequencer Room is a lightweight sequencing environment for creating phrases and patterns for montages and the Image Synth; and the Montage Room is a 24-track mixing and recording room with a streamlined easy-to-use interface that ties all of MetaSynth's rooms together.

The new software features Native support of .wav, .caf, .aiff and SoundDesigner audio files at resolutions up to 32-bit floating point and 96 kHz; 11 new synthesis modes; 14 new Quart-based drawing tools for the Image Synth, which now allows real-time swapping of instruments, tunings and samples during playback; and Effects Room with added convolution effect; an improved Sample Editor; the ability to mix up to 24 stereo tracks in the Montage Room; Spectrum Synth updated with pitch range selection; and much more.

MetaSynth runs on Macs running OS X.4 or later and is fully compatible with Leopard.

For more information, please visit www.uisoftware.com/MetaSynth.