Universal Audio Introduces UAD-2 PCIe DSP Accelerator Card

Universal Audio is now shipping the UAD-2.
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Universal Audio is shipping the UAD-2 (Mac/Win; $499 and up) Powered Plug-Ins & PCIe DSP Accelerator Card for DAWs.

The UAD-2 features scalable DSP power via three different types of cards (Solo, Duo, or Quad) that can be mixed or matched. Each UAD-2 is powered by Analog Devices 21369 SHARC floating-point DSP in single and multichip configurations. In addition the UAD-2 offers 2.5 times (Solo), 5 times (Duo), and 10 times (Quad) the power of its predecessor, the UAD-1.

The UAD-2 is available in nine different hardware and software bundles ranging in street price from $499 to $1,999. For specific pricing details and more information, please visit uaudio.com