Universal Audio Ships V3.9 UAD-1 Software

Universal Audio, a manufacturer of high-quality vintage audio hardware and DSP software plug-ins for digital audio workstations, today announced the web launch of v3.9 software for the UAD-1 DSP Card & Powered Plug-Ins system. Version 3.9 includes a 14-day fully functional demo of the first of three announced emulations of vintage Roland® effects units; the Boss® CE-1® Chorus.

"The Roland/Boss CE-1 Chorus Ensemble is the first UAD plug-in to be released as part of our strategic relationship with Roland Corporation." said Mike Barnes, Director of Marketing for Universal Audio. "After successfully partnering on the VS8F3 plug-project, we worked with Roland to apply our respected modeling techniques to clone a classic 'stomp-box'. The CE-1 plug-in delivers all of those inimitable lush, wide-stereo chorus sounds unique to - BOSS's first generation, analog-aficionado's unit."

Version 3.9 also includes updated drivers for Apple's OSX 10.4 "Tiger" operating system and a number of further enhancements for improved functionality with Apple's Logic Pro DAW application and G5 computers but will be the last UAD-1 release for legacy OS9.

"Although the UAD-1 started life as a PC-only product, our continued investment in developing for the Apple OS platform has seen our Mac customers grow to almost half our current user base" said Joe Bryan, UA's VP of Engineering. " Version 3.9 gets UAD-1 onto Tiger and the latest generation of Mac's and we have an ongoing dialog with Apple/Emagic engineering to ensure regular updates and the continued integration of UAD-1 with Apple's latest OS, application and hardware platforms."

About the UAD-1 DSP Card

At the heart of every UAD-1 DSP Card & Powered Plug-Ins package is the revolutionary UAD-1 DSP card. Because of its high resolution, floating-point processing, ultra high-speed memory and hardware dithering, the UAD-1 delivers outstanding high-headroom sound quality at sample rates from 32 to 192khz. Unlike other DSP cards, the UAD-1 uses a single, unpartitioned vector processor, allowing for larger and more sophisticated plug-in algorithms offering a new level of power and complexity not found with host-based plug-ins. By greatly reducing the burden on the computer's CPU, the host application can now deliver more tracks, automation and native effects.

For more information, visit www.uaudio.com.