P:i:f psychedelic trance for the mind, body, and soul. No matter how hard most musicians try to break down the barriers between the performers and the

P:i:f — psychedelic trance for the mind, body, andsoul.

No matter how hard most musicians try to break down the barriersbetween the performers and the audience, there usually remains aschism. P:i:f, however, have overcome this obstacle by making theaudience part of their performance. As soon as a p:i:f performancebegins, the three members — dAv, shAmii, and schlAut —are surrounded by dancers, fire jugglers, and other visualperformers who spill from the stage and into the audience,encouraging the crowd to join in with their own creativeexpressions.

“P:i:f exists and was created for live performance,”says schlAut. “Our shows are a multimedia psychedelicextravaganza, put together with the help of many talented artistsand stage designers who provide the eye candy.”

“We provide a full audiovisual performance withpsychedelic faerie flare,” adds dAv. “We want to createa portal for people that will take them away from their dailystress.”

P:i:f, which stands for psytrip:inner:face, formed in September2000 when the three like-minded members discovered they shared adream: to create psychedelic trance music with an industrial edge.All three were accomplished musicians with extensive sampling,sequencing, and electronic-music composition experience. “Ourgoal is to create music to keep the body moving and the mindquestioning,” explains dAv. “Our music has a squishy,warm, and playful trance vibe. However, it can also be gritty andhard. It takes multiple paths, like a moody cartooncharacter.”

P:i:f's live setup includes a mix of new and old technology thatcombines computers with vintage analog synths. “We're using a400 MHz Apple G4 to run Pro Tools LE with a number of Real-TimeAudioSuite (RTAS) and AudioSuite plug-ins,” says shAmii.“We have a variety of virtual synths as well as just aboutevery imaginable hardware synth technology — modular, analog,digital, and analog modeling, from makers such as Korg, Clavia,Kawai, and Yamaha.”

Despite the band's short history, they have already performed atseveral raves and opened for Juno Reactor. To broaden theiraudience, they plan on playing as many performances as possibleacross the United States, and thanks to their theatrical stageshow, they've landed gigs at venues that don't normally welcomedance music acts. The group has recorded a four-track EP calledPeyote Trance, which they are currently submitting to labels, remixartists, and DJs.

For more information, contact p:i:f; e-mail schlaut@pif-elater.com; Web www.pif-elater.com.