EM News for March 2004 Product Update - March 9 Gefen Inc., has released the ex-tend-it FireWire Extender, which allows IEEE 1394 FireWire devices to
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EM News for March2004

Product Update - March 9

Gefen Inc., has released the ex-tend-it FireWire Extender, whichallows IEEE 1394 FireWire devices to operate anywhere within a distanceof 1,640 feet. The FireWire Extender uses a sender/receiver system totransmit data at an average rate of 350 to 400 mbps. For more info,visit gefen.com.

Independent Audio has announced that it is theexclusive North American distributor for Pyramid Reference Monitors.According to the manufacturer, the Pyramid monitors are designed toemulate the effects of consumer playback systems with limited frequencyresponse (TVs, boom boxes, computer speakers, car stereos), allowingmixing engineers to compensate for the difference in sound betweenhigh-fidelity studio monitors and end-user playback systems.

Korg hasannounced the CR-4, a 4-track cassette-based recording system, whichincludes amp and effects models, a built-in 5W stereo amplifier, and apair of 3-inch speakers for monitoring as you record. MORE

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Musitek Corporation has announced SmartScore 3 (Mac/Win), which isavailable in five editions. MORE

Pearl Lab has introduced its line of "linear" microphones. The ELM-Bhas a figure-eight-pattern. The ELM-C offers a cardioid polar patternand is designed for stereo recording. For more information, visit IndependentAudio online.

PreSonushas announced that it is shipping the AD192 Digital Option Card for theEureka Pro Recording Channel. The AD192 features wordclock I/O andseparate AES and S/PDIF outputs. It supports 24-bit word lengths andsampling rates of 44.1 to 192 kHz. A balanced 1/4-inch TRS line inputis included, allowing you to hook up a second Eureka. For moreinformation, visit presonus.com.

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Roland is now shipping the FP-2, featuring an 88-note progressivehammer-action keyboard, built-in speakers, Session Partnerauto-accompaniment technology, and a USB port. MORE

Sennheiser has gone live with its new Web site,which includes updates in design and functionality.

Steinberghas announced Cubase SE, an entry-level digital audio sequencer. CubaseSE includes technology from Cubase SX, but with a compact feature setintended for beginners and educational use. Click here to read EM's review of Cubase SX.

Check out the latest Electronic Musician Special Report (sponsored byMackie). It features an overview of Tracktion, as well as links touseful articles in the EM archives, such as Tracking in the UnpluggedWorld by Myles Boisen, and Tax Tips for Musicians by Jeffrey P.Fisher.

Product Update - March 2
New products, software updates, and more. . .

Applied Acoustics is offering Nord Modular users aspecial crossgrade price for Tassman Sound Synthesis Studio (Mac/Win).Users who take advantage of the offer will be eligible for a freeupgrade to Tassman 4. For more information, visit the AppliedAcoustics Web site. Click here to read EM's review of Tassman 3.02.

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Graph Tech has introduced the Ghost expandable modular pickup systemfor bass guitar. The pickups plug into a Ghost Acousti-Phonic orHexpander pre-amp, for use with controllers from Roland and Axon. MORE

Independent Audio has announced that it is theexclusive US distributor of products by UK audio manufacturer EsotericAudio Research (EAR). EAR's tube-based line includes a stereo micpreamp, three Pultec-style EQs, a Fairchild-style compressor/limiter,and custom-made analog tape machines.

Jasmine Audio has announced Jasmine Audio 1.8 (Mac), an audio editorfor OS X. The update includes a new interface, flexible import andexport features, Help tags, and several bug fixes. MORE

M-Audio has announced the Octane, an 8-channel mic preamp with ADATLightpipe output. MORE

Mackie has announced that its Tracktion (Mac/Win) software is now available. Inaddition, Mackie is bundling Tracktion with select hardware products,beginning with the Spike Powered Recording system, a 24-bit, 96 khzmusic production system. A free demo version of Tracktion is availableonline.

Novation has announced the SpeedIO Trackmaker(Mac/Win), an audio and MIDI interface offering two channels of audioI/O through a single USB cable (which also powers the unit). MORE

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If you're wondering whatever happened to the Metro digital audiosequencer, visit Sagan Techonology to get the skinny on Metro 6 (MacOS 9 and OS X).

Samson Technologies has introduced the Resolv 2.1monitoring system and a pair of studio mixers, the MDR624 and theMDR1064. MORE

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