Updated Deskew Gig Performer Plug-in Live Performance Software Adds Audio Player

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Distributed by Ilio, the Deskew Technologies Gig Performer software lets you confidently perform live with your favorite VST and AU plug-ins.

New Add-on: 8-Track Audio File Player
The new audio file player is capable of loading and playing up to 8 audio files one at a time or simultaneously. You can use it as a backing track player and for looping short samples. You can even seamlessly switch from one track to another while running. Supported formats include AIF, WAV, and MP3.

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Make Your Voice Heard
Many of Gig Performers recent updates were added as a result of customer feedback. Deskew Technologies tries to keep Gig Performer the most bullet-proof plug-in host on the market. Its ever-growing list of features lets you control multiple instruments, layer sounds and employ authentic effects easily, with little power usage, on both Mac and Windows computers.

You can get Gig Performer as a free 14-day trial or purchase it for $149 from its page on Ilio.com.