Updated Version of SampleRobot Released

SampleRobot, the software for automatically sampling instruments, is now available for download. The current version is V 1.14.

SampleRobot provides fully automatic sampling of MIDI sound devices that are connected to a Windows compatible MIDI and audio interface. It can also be used to sample any acoustic instrument, though not without some human involvement as you might guess.

What's new in SampleRobot Version 1.14:

  • Semi-Automatic recording gains new functions (like loop-prelistening and waveform preview) for sampling live instruments
  • For sampling acoustic instruments, a tuning oscillator with 3 waveforms and adjustable level is available. The oscillator can be played via MIDI before recording the dedicated key.
  • Now you can normalize or adjust levels all samples in a Multi-Sample / Project at the same time. There is a search function for the maximum level of a sample in a Multi-Sample / Project to adjust all other levels to that level.
  • Improved function "Import Single-Sample-Soundlibrary" to split up all sample parts between silence to the selected keys.
  • Improved user interface

Egosys Inc. (ESI) is the wordwide distributor of the boxed version. The boxed version will be available in July 2005.

For more information, visit their web site at www.samplerobot.com.