What’s old is new again, at least in the world of software. Change a significant digit, kick in a few bucks (or maybe even get it for free), and you have the equivalent of a new product. Ain’t software grand?

Apogee Electronics’ V2 firmware update provides Advanced Option Routing for the AD-16X and the DA-16X with X-HD or X-FireWire option cards installed. www.apogeedigital.com

Celemony Melodyne V2.6 enhances handling of keys and scales, compatibility with Apple Logic 7 and DP4.5, and pitch recognition. Free to registered users from www.celemony.com

IK Multimedia AmpliTube V2’s theme is more — more amp combinations, chains, preamps, modeled stomp boxes — just plain more of everything. Also, SampleTank 2.1 now offers an enhanced pitch-shift/time-stretch engine, an expanded collection of sounds on two DVDs, more outs (up to 16 stereo), and the ability to create more complex combis. www.ikmultimedia.com

Lynx Studio Technology V2 Windows Driver for the LynxTWO line supports WDM (does Microsoft Multimedia Extensions, Direct Kernel Streaming and Direct Sound), ASIO 2.0, and GSIF 2.0. Download for free from www.lynxstudio.com.

Mackie’s Tracktion 2.0 has a mo’ better MIDI editor, aux sends and returns, QuickTime support, improved sync options, a 64-bit mix bus to shut up people who complain about digital summing buses, easy MIDI controller mapping, resizeable main window, loop recording, integrated Mackie Control support, improved metering, mucho bundled plug-ins, and a Very Nice Brochure. www.mackie.com

Manifold Labs. Plugzilla now has a realtime analyzer with up to 1/12th octave resolution, emphasizing its positioning as a live performance/front-of-house tool as well as a mixing and mastering processor. www.plugzilla.com

MOTU. MachFive V2 sampler includes unlimited parts per instance, modular synthesis architecture, keygroup layering with rule-based switching, built-in mixer, LoopLab groove slice engine for ReCycle-type editing, and sample time-stretching. It can do standalone, too. And their MX4 V2 ($295) hybrid synth adds more effects, more presets, and additional modulation sources — pattern gate, arpeggiator, pattern sequencer/quantizer, envelope follower, lag processor, etc. . . And speaking of MOTU, they showed pitch-stretching/retuning features that will be added to the next rev of Digital Performer. Cool beans. www.motu.com

Muse Research’s V1.2 software upgrade for Receptor offers ADAT output support (for a total of 10 outs), “Z-Load” technology to reduce plug-in load time, and new MIDI mapping features with zone/layer support. www.museresearch.com

Spectrasonics V1.2 of Stylus RMX adds over a dozen new features including three new effect modules (“radio” delay, pro reverb, spring reverb), as well as enhanced compatibility with major host applications. Free to registered users from www.spectrasonics.com

Terratec Producer has introduced a Mac/Windows-compatible firmware upgrade for the PHASE 88 Rack FireWire and EWS MIC 2/MIC 8 FireWire Audio Systems to allow MIDI remote control over audio routing and levels. The ASIO implementation is also enhanced. www.terratec.com

Universal Audio. Their plug-ins now support TDM for Windows.www.uaudio.com