URS FullTec EQ

You can never have too many cool EQs in your studio. And the beauty of DAWs and plug-ins is that you can have lots of different-sounding EQs loaded up and ready to apply wherever you need them.

The folks at Unique Recording Software (URS) have made their name by creating plug-ins that emulate the sound of vintage hardware EQs — in fact, all the company does are EQ plugs. The URS FullTec EQ is a first for URS in that it doesn’t strictly model one EQ. Rather, it brings together the best features of the Pultec EQP-1 and MEQ-5. FullTec is available in various bundles; the TDM bundle supports TDM, RTAS, and AudioSuite formats, while the Native bundle supports RTAS and AudioSuite.

FullTec is a 5-band EQ; the middle three bands are fully parametric peaking designs. The high and low shelving bands are quite different in that you can both boost (with a fixed wide bandwidth) and cut (with a fixed narrow bandwidth); the frequencies of both the high and low bands can be swept. Each band has its own in/out switch, plus there are bypass, phase invert, and master input and output gain controls. Plasma meters display input and output levels. The bands overlap for extra EQ power.

The plug-in is quite DSP-efficient. On an Accel system you can run 25 instances at 44.1/48k, 12 at 88.2/96k, or six at 186.4/192k. With an HD system, you’ll get roughly half as many instances. With a Mix rig, you can run six FullTecs. With native systems the number of instances you can run depends on your computer.

I found FullTec to be very easy to dial in — the plug-in simply sounds warm and natural with almost any reasonable setting. The high shelf did a great job of opening up the top end on dark signals without adding harshness. Having simultaneous boost and cut for the high and low bands means that you can boost the entire shelf for broad shaping, then use the narrow-band cut to shape the curve around the cutoff frequency. The result is effective, especially on the bottom, where you can shape the curve to prevent unwanted thumpiness.

FullTec is another winner for URS. It’s easy to dial in, efficient, and sounds great. And that’s all you could ask from an EQ.