Use “Metanormalization” to Simplify the Mastering Process

Objective: Normalize songs being mastered and assembled based on RMS level, not peak levels, so the subjective level of the songs is equal. Background: With traditional normalization, a digital audio editor scans a file for the loudest peak, and amplifies the file so that the peak attains the maximum possible level. However, if you do that while mastering, subjectively the songs will still vary in level because the ear responds to a song’s average level, not peak level. Wavelab’s Metanormalize function can normalize songs based on average (RMS) levels.

1) Drag all the files you want to metanormalize into Wavelab’s main window.

2) Select “Batch Process” from the Tools menu.

3) Click on the Input tab, then click on the Add File button in the Batch Processing window, and select “Add All.”

4) Click on the Edit Batch Plug-Ins button. When the Processor List appears, open the Plug-ins folder, and double-click on the Meta Normalizer plug-in.

5) After double-clicking on the Meta Normalizer plug-in, it appears in the left Sequence column in the Processor List. Double-click on this to show the Meta Normalizer parameters, click on “Equalize Loudness (RMS),” check “Global,” check “Maximize if Possible” if you want the loudest track to reach the maximum available headroom, then click on “OK.”

6) Click on the Processor List “OK” button.

7) Click on the Batch Processing window Output tab. Click on the folder button to navigate to the desired folder, or create a new folder. Click on “Run,” then the files will be “metanormalized” and saved to the folder you specified. Simple . . . and simple is good.