Use snapshot automation to trigger multiple parameter changes

Objective: Change multiple parameters, all at the same time, using snapshot automation techniques.Background: Dynamic automation, where you move faders and knobs in real time, is very useful. But sometimes you want a lot of parameters to all change at the same time, like when transitioning from one part of a song to the next. This is an ideal application for snapshot automation.

1. If the Automation Toolbar isn’t visible, go View > Toolbars and check Automation. Click Close, and the Automation Toolbar appears.

2. Arm automation for parameters you want included in the snapshot (right-click on the parameter and choose “Arm for Automation”). They become outlined in red. Adjust each parameter as desired.

3. Place the Now time where you want the automation snapshot.

4. Click on the Automation toolbar’s camera (“snapshot”) button. Do not click on the Record Automation button, which is used for dynamic automation.

5. Sonar now places a node that corresponds to the parameter value on each automation envelope (nodes are outlined in yellow for clarity). If there is no envelope, Sonar creates one. Repeat steps 2-5 until you’ve added all desired automation moves.

6. To disarm the armed tracks, click the button to the right of the Snapshot button. Or, click on the Auto button toward the bottom of the screen.