Useful Arts Audio Will Debut the SFP-60 and BF-1 Preamps at AES NY 2017

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Phoenix, AZ (Sept. 18, 2017) - Peter Swann, founder of Useful Arts Audio, will be debuting the SFP- 60 Microphone Preamplifier (MAP $3,499) and the BF-1 Instrument Preamp (MAP price ($799) at AES NY 2017 (October 18-21). Inspired by the classic Telefunken preamps of the past, the SFP-60 is a two-channel Class-A mic tube preamp with a variable control for second-order harmonic distortion. The BF-1 is an all-purpose interface for any instrument with a pickup.

Swann designed the different gain stages of the SFP-60 to utilize the tubes for what they are best for: accentuating harmonics. The one-of-a-kind Color control provides an incredible amount of artistic distortion to make those mixes stand out. Another key design factor of the SFP-60 is the massive inductor on the output tube - instead of an inexpensive resistor. This inductor provides maximum headroom (over 60 dB of useable gain), as well as the lowest possible noise. As a result, vocals and instruments are up-front in the mix. The SFP-60 also features an instrument input, a pad, a high-pass-filter, phantom power, and phase reversal. 

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The BF-1 instrument tube preamp offers a Class A tube preamp, a two-band EQ and dual outputs that can be used simultaneously for your amp and console. The EQ bypass allows a choice of low gain (much like a traditional DI) or high gain, which gives you the ability to go straight to the converters for pure high-fidelity line level recording with no other amplification needed.

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The BF-1 uses the input tube the same way as a tube microphone - to convert impedances without the high gain. Regardless of how it's patched into your signal chain, the BF-1 will enhance the clarity, detail, and dynamics of your instrument.

About Useful Arts Audio
Useful Arts Audio was born out of a quest for vibrant “straight from the source” sound. Using circuit topologies inspired by the most treasured gear of the ‘40s, ‘50s and ‘60s, Useful Arts Audio products are optimized to achieve specific sonic goals. All products are hand-built in the USA for recording professionals and musicians.