Various Artists, The Roots of Hip Hop (HARTE)

Remix took a ride in the Wayback Machine to review The Roots of Hip Hop, a compilation that has 26 dusty gems from the good old days.
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Learning never sounded so good
Citing that cultural themes are what created hip-hop, not the inherent grooves of ''70s R&B or the nascent possibilities of the first Akai samplers or MPCs, The Roots of Hip Hop reaches back to doo-wop, blues, country, swing, jump and gospel for this juke-jointing 26-track compilation. With copious liner notes including recording dates and excellent biographical information, the CD features the music of Slim Galliard, Champion Jack Dupree, The Treniers, Rev. J.M. Gates, Big Jay McNeely and Famous Hokum Boys, among others. Time to get your learnin'' on!—[4.5 out of 5 stars]