Arturia VP Glen Darcey hosts the in-depth videos on these new recreations of classic electronic instruments.

French music software & hardware makers Arturia have created a series of tutorial videos demonstrating the features and functions of the recently released Buchla Easel V, a software recreation of Don Buchla’s legendary Music Easel; Clavinet V; and CMI V, the recently unveiled recreation of the Fairlight CMI: the “mother of all samplers” that changed the face of contemporary music production.

See all the new videos embedded below.

Buchla V Gravity

The in-depth Buchla Easel V tutorial is presented in 3 parts, covering its layout, modulation and control sources, as well as the additional new features.

Recreating the left-field brainchild of visionary synth legend Don Buchla, the Buchla Easel V maintains the unique, inspirational approach to sound creation that made the original a true cult icon. Over and above the standard parameters synth enthusiasts expect to find on an instrument, the Buchla Easel V provides a recreation of Don’s innovative slider system. Each slider provides a unique voice, overtone, animation, shape, or color to the sound, opening up an exciting, fresh way of sculpting sound, and giving even seasoned professionals a chance to rediscover the joy of synthesis.

Authentically recreating Buchla’s experimental, West coast sound was no small feat, and pushed the limits of TAE R : Arturia’s exclusive analog emulation technology. The incredibly accurate modeling - mapping out and reproducing the nuanced response of every analog component within the instrument - makes Buchla Easel V a truly cutting edge product. This level of intense detail means that each voice of polyphony requires around 20% of an i7’s processor power.

As a special launch offer, the Buchla Easel V is 50% off until January 10, 2018.

The easy to follow Clavinet V video covers the use of the Clavinet’s traditional features like filters, pickup selection, muting, and also the enhanced features found only in Clavinet V, such as the amp emulation, effects, and advanced engine parameters.

Seen on stages around the globe and used by the greatest artists of our age, the Clavinet’s unique raspy, funky tone has been at the forefront of popular music for half a century.

Clavinet V makes full use of Arturia’s pioneering physical modeling technology - to provide the most accurate, musical recreation of the original instrument ever to be released as software. While other attempts at recreating the Clavinet’s iconic tone using samples may ‘do the job’, a quick comparison against the Arturia Clavinet V truly reveals the power of physical modeling. Every component of the original has been mapped out, its sound- shaping properties analyzed, and recreated within the software instrument.

clavinet V

Not only does physical modeling ensure you truly experience the vital tone of the Clavinet, free from limited, looping, “machine gunning” samples of other virtual instruments, it also lets you take this classic instrument further than ever before. Now, you can change the specification of the instrument, from adjusting the position of the pickups, to changing the mechanical noise levels to suit your mix. In true Arturia style, Clavinet V also includes an accurately modeled Fender Twin amp, letting you create the perfect combo that was so often seen and heard in the Clavinet’s most legendary performances.

As a special launch offer, the Clavinet V is 50% off until January 10, 2018. 

cmi v

The 4-part CMI V video series covers the key concepts of the instrument, letting users quickly familiarize themselves with its features and functions. This series includes a quick tour of the instrument, shows you how to load and edit samples, and explores the new Time and Spectral synthesis possibilities.

While ludicrously powerful and undeniably revolutionary, the original Fairlight CMI was typical of early digital instruments: sluggish, temperamental, and notoriously difficult to program. Despite these quirks, whole studios based their sound around the unparalleled capabilities of this revolutionary sampler, and many now-legendary record producers made the CMI their signature mix ingredient.

Reborn for the modern production age, CMI V has been revamped, reworked, and reimagined to create an equally ground-breaking instrument, built to inspire today’s musicians just as the original did since its 1979 release. Building on the classic sampler functions that are now second nature to most 21st century musicians and producers, and true to their form of revitalizing retro instruments with powerful new features, Arturia have created a living, breathing, true synth & sampling instrument.

Remember, as part of our special launch offer, the CMI V is 50% off until January 10, 2018: