Version 1.10 OS Update Released for Fusion 6HD/8HD

Alesis has released version 1.10 of the Fusion OS for Fusion 6HD and Fusion 8HD users. The update includes hundreds of new program sounds, mixes and arpeggiator patterns, plus all existing programs and mixes have been improved according to the company.

Fusion OS 1.10 is now available and includes the following enhancements since the initial release of the Fusion.

  • Added "Preset 4" program bank with 128 new programs
  • Added a "Synth Drum" program bank (110 new programs)
  • Substantial improvements in Preset 1, Preset 2, Preset 3 and Electronica program banks
  • Divided mixes into two banks: Groove Mix (40 Mixes) and Split-Layer (108 Mixes)
  • Added an "Electronica" program bank (128 new programs)
  • Added "GM" program bank (128 new programs)
  • Added ability to easily transpose the keyboard from the program screen
  • Improvements to the arpeggiator

In addition, the company has now posted the "Alesis Fusion Converter" program for free. This is a fully functional translation program that allows .wav, .aiff, SoundFont and Akai libraries to be converted into Fusion samples.

This update as well as all future updates to the software and the sounds can be found at:,59,0,0,1,0.

For more information, visit their web site at