Version 2.5 of MadTracker Adds VST and ReWire Support

Yannick Delwiche has released version 2.5 of his free music composition tool: MadTracker. With this release, MadTracker combines the power and speed of the tracker interface with the advanced possibilities of VST plugins and ReWire support. MadTracker is targeted for any level or type of composer.

MadTracker is based on the established tracker concept. Unlike the traditional piano roll and its horizontal time structure, a tracker provides a vertical structure for the composition of music. Arrangements can be made in either real-time or in steps via a MIDI or regular PC keyboard. The usage of a tracker interface instead of a piano roll or matrix sequencer provides an environment for intuitive and efficient creation or adaptation of compositions.

MadTracker 2.5 is the first tracker-based music program with ReWire support enabling composers to integrate MadTracker directly into their existing setup. Furthermore, full VST support provides an unlimited working space. MadTracker can either be used as a powerful stand-alone composition tool, or an addition to any existing studio.

MadTracker demands little system resources, and runs on virtually every computer that runs any version of Windows.MadTracker comes bundled with a broad range of songs, samples and VST plugins to get users started right out of the box.

There is also an active MadTracker community. Many changes within MadTracker are the result of user requests. Multiple types of competitions for users take place, either organized or spontaneous. The forum and chat room give rise to collaborations, remixes, constructive feedback and a general good time. A dedicated community section on the website gives access to on line articles about technologies, composers and other related topics.

Improvements since version 2.3.2:

  • Full VST support (effects, instruments, multitimbrality, automation, presets, etc.)
  • Plugins database with configurable categories for quick plugin access
  • ReWire support
  • Built-in IRC (chat) client to get instant help and/or chat with other MadTracker producers
  • New pattern manager
  • Track EQ
  • Full screen pattern editor
  • MIDI file (*.mid) import and export
  • Better MIDI-out support
  • Image embedding (for covers and logo pictures)
  • "No interpolation" option for samples (for chiptunes fans)
  • Improved stability and CPU usage
  • Improved interface
  • Improved automation

MadTrack 2.5 for Windows is available as a free download.

For more information, visit their web site at