Version 4.5 Software Announced for Eventide's H8000 Ultra-Harmonizer

Eventide announced the shipment of the new Version 4.5 software for the flagship H8000 and H8000A Ultra-Harmonizer effects processors.

The updated software enables new or existing users to draw new functionality out of the already powerful unit with new Custom Scale pitch shifting, MIDI Virtual Racks, effects stacking, and the most comprehensive offering of 5.1 algorithms available.

The additional features brought to the flagship Ultra-Harmonizer are extensive. The Custom Scale pitch shifting overrides the strict math rules of chromatic pitch shifting and expands beyond the musical possibilities allowed by diatonic pitch shifting. With V4.5 you can create your own scales, comprised of five to twelve notes, and choose the exact amount of pitch shifting applied to each single note in your custom scale, opening up territories like counterpoint, hybrid harmonies, poly-tonality, ethnic harmonies, and much more. This powerful algorithm gives you the possibility to create up to twelve custom scales and apply up to eight voices of pitch shifting to each scale with up to two seconds of delay per voice. You can also micro-tune each voice in one percent increments and add pitch modulation via LFO. Manual settings and MIDI modulation of parameters allow the transposition of stored scales. Calibration provides adjustment of pitch detection parameters for optimizing pitch shifting results for different source material.

The H8000's new MIDI Virtual Racks enable users to combine up to five stereo effects processors, allowing up to 50 individual parameter settings to be linked to ten preset changes, all within a single preset-algorithm, without any program change latency. A master tweak parameter recalls each of the ten internally stored settings. Eight presets with different effects combinations are available, each with ten carefully crafted tweaks, allowing 80 variations to be stored and recalled via MIDI. A single MIDI continuous controller message is all you need to control these powerful effects arrays. The user can program which effect will be on or off, what its parameter values will be, and how the MIDI pedal board will drive the changes. Included in V4.5 is a library of presets including single effects block already set up for MIDI control. V4.5 also includes MIDI Virtual Racks building blocks, featuring a MIDI Custom Scale Shifter where all musical aspects can be changed in real time; these building blocks can be assembled to create your own custom MIDI Virtual Racks using VSIGFILE editor.

V4.5 offers a new bank of preset-algorithms devoted to Multiple Machines, including previously unavailable combinations of classic Eventide presets from the H3000, DSP4000, and Orville. Each preset includes 3 or 4 parallel stereo effects processors, featuring different effects combinations or highly specialized groups of choruses, delays, and reverbs, designed specifically for mixing, tracking, and FOH applications. V4.5 also offers a large variety of 5.1 algorithms. The new presets include a 5.1 Frame-Rate Converter for post-production applications which supports both 48 and 96kHz sample rates, Remix Beat "Freezers," Eventide classic Black Hole reverb, 5 mono reverb units for 5.1 single channel optimization, ring modulators, Quad Custom Scales Shifters, Reso_Machines, Band Delays, Comb Delays, Chorused Diffusors, Reso_Chords, Ring_Mod Delays, Diffused Echoes, Mangling Delays, Loops and Freeze FX, Soundscapes, Surround Distortion, Tremolos, Quad, and 5.1 Three-Band Compressors.

V4.5 delivers new effects and fresh approaches to classic Eventide effects, including Digi Degrader, Delay Matrix, Comb Distortion, 4-Band Reverb, MIDI Modulator, AmbiClouds, EchoMatic, to name a few. V4.5 software for the H8000 brings the number of preset-algorithms to an unprecedented 1,588 and continues to expand the universe of tonal and control capabilities of Eventide's most powerful processor yet.

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