Version 6 of Orion Platinum Released

Synapse Audio has released Version 6 of its music production suite for the Windows platform, Orion Platinum.

Orion Platinum is a complete virtual studio, including multitrack audio recording, a mixing desk with sub busses and effect returns, as well as powerful sequencers, generators and effects. All common interfaces, ReWire2, VST and DirectX are supported.

With this release, Orion Platinum gains a realtime impulse response processor, allowing to apply the acoustic fingerfrints of excellent sounding rooms on any track.

Other improvements and new features since Version 5.8:

  • 192 kHz / 32-Bit Playback and Mixdown rates supported
  • New Effect: Dynamics Shaper
  • New Effect: Analog 3-Band-EQ
  • New Effect: Bass Compressor
  • Multiple MIDI In devices supported
  • Sampler editor extended with Keymap Volume, Pan, Finetune, Duplicate and Slice functions
  • Automatic Plugin Delay Compensation for effects
  • DrumRack generator supports playing 24- and 32-Bit WAV/AIFF files

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