Video: Ableton Announces Live 10 with New Devices, Workflow Features & Sounds

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Today Ableton announced that Live 10 will be released in the first quarter of 2018, and revealed the update’s new features, including many workflow enhancements, a re-designed sound library, four new devices, new integrations with Push 2, and a faster, fully-integrated Max for Live with new devices.

Live 10’s additions begin with a very welcome new synthesizer, Wavetable. Designed by Ableton, Wavetable has an expansive interface and lets you morph and shape sounds using wavetables derived from analog synths, acoustic instruments and other sounds. With all the excitement around the Serum wavetable synthesizer, having Wavetable built into Live 10 should make many users happy.

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The new Echo device is Ableton’s most sophisticated delay effect yet. It fuses elements of classic analog and digital delays, with analog-modeled filters, reverb, noise, and wobble that recreates vintage imperfections.

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Drum Buss packs a drum processing workstation into one device: crunchy distortion and warm overdrive, tuning and transient shaping, compression and dynamics, and a dedicated low-end section.

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Pedal delivers circuit-level models of analog overdrive, distortion, and fuzz stomp boxes. It can be used to subtly warm up or totally contort almost any audio source: vocals, synths, guitars, bass, etc.

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The revamped sound library includes four in-depth instrument packs: Drum Essentials (classic electronic kits and hits), Drum Booth (acoustic drum kits and percussion), Synth Essentials (presets for Live synths plus multisampled classic hardware synths), and Electric Keyboards (multisampled organs and electric pianos).

What’s New:

The new Capture feature adds a crucial new ability for Live 10 to record MIDI tracks after you play them. With a MIDI track armed, you can just start noodling, and when you have something you like played correctly, press Capture. It should match your tempo and timing and create a perfect loop. You can also use it to add overdub parts into existing MIDI clips.


New Live 10 workflow improvements allow you to edit multiple MIDI clips across multiple tracks within a single view — either in Session or Arrangement mode. The Arrangment view also adds many new optimizations, such as better stretching and sliding of a clip’s content in the timeline, and improved breakpoint interactions for clip fades, grid snapping and more. New keyboard shortcuts save time for reversing samples, toggling automation, zooming in and out, nudging clips, etc.

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Other workflow improvements included user-created Browser collections, renaming of audio I/O, more precise bass control, subgroups within track groups, and sharper graphics and colors.

Live 10 users with the Push 2 controller will enjoy more high-res visualizations and many new integrations. These include a new melodic step-sequencing layout, a MIDI note view, and advanced Device visualization. See the three videos below.

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Ableton is offering 20% off of the Live 10 update to current Live 9 users. Ableton says the new DAW will be available in “early 2018,” so let’s hope that means around NAMM, and not at 11:59pm on June 30.

New Device Visualizations on Push

New MIDI Clip Editing on Push

New Step Sequencer in Push