Video: All Roli Seaboards Now Include Tracktion Waveform DAW

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July 25, 2017, Seattle & London — Tracktion and Roli today announce that Waveform ($99), the newest and most advanced digital audio workstation from Tracktion, will be bundled with every Roli Seaboard instrument including the new Seaboard Block. The hardware-software combination will allow more musicians to easily create and edit projects with the full expressivity of MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE).

Waveform offers a plug-and-play experience for Roli’s Seaboard and Blocks instruments. Setting it apart from other DAWs, it seamlessly receives complex MPE data and has a user interface that helps musicians visualize and edit all of the expression parameters of MPE on multiple tracks all at once. Released in May 2017, Waveform ($99) builds on the legacy of previous Tracktion DAWs in providing production tools that are approachable to untrained musicians but also valuable to the workflows of professionals.

The release of Waveform coincides with the launch of Roli’s Seaboard Block, which is now shipping. The most portable and affordable model of Roli’s award-winning Seaboard, the $299 Seaboard Block is also the newest Block in Roli’s award-winning Blocks system. Along with the other MPE controllers in the Blocks range, Seaboard Block opens up multidimensional expression to more people than ever before. It is “far and away the most affordable MPE controller on the market” (Reverb).

Integrating Roli Blocks with Tracktion Waveform:

Julian Storer, director of software architecture at Roli and a cofounder of Tracktion, said “The integration of Waveform with Roli instruments like the Seaboard shows how hardware and software can combine to let people make music both more expressively and also more efficiently. Pairings like these will hugely improve musicians' experiences.”

All owners of a Seaboard Block, Seaboard Rise, and Seaboard Grand will now receive free licenses to Tracktion Waveform worth $99. This adds to Seaboard software bundles that include programs such as Roli Equator and Equator Player, FXpansion Strobe2, MaxMSP, and Noise.
The bundling of Waveform with Seaboards is the latest collaboration between Roli and Tracktion, whose teams previously worked together on aspects of Roli’s free Noise app. Using simple, easy-to-learn gestures, Noise lets people create beats, melodies and songs on the touch screens of their mobile devices.

Dave Christenson, cofounder of Tracktion, said: ”Roli has previously made use of our highly efficient, flexible and powerful audio processing codebase. We’re thrilled that their team is expanding our cooperation by bundling the Waveform DAW with their popular Seaboard instruments.”

Learn more about Waveform in Tracktion’s introductory film:

Now shipping, Seaboard Block is available to buy from $299.95.

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About Roli
Roli is a London-based technology company that is creating the musical instruments of the future. ROLI BLOCKS and Noise are a new modular music creation system that lets anyone shape music through easy-to-learn gestures on devices that connect together. The award-winning Seaboard Rise and Seaboard Grand instruments — adopted by world-renowned artists like Stevie Wonder and Meghan Trainor — are an evolution of the piano keyboard that open new modes of expression. Professionals and people who have never played an instrument are making music in new ways through Roli’s ecosystem of Connected Music products.

About Tracktion

Tracktion Corporation is a Seattle-based music technology manufacturer with the goal of streamlining and enhancing the creative process for today’s artists and producers. Formed in 2012 by Julian Storer, James Woodburn and Dave Christenson, the company successfully re-launched the Tracktion Music Production Software platform and has branched into audio applications development, online retail and hardware audio interface manufacturing.