Video: Mixvibes’ Remix & DJ Apps Harness iOS 11 for Faster Work

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When Apple revealed the Files system for iOS 11, musicians and DJs waited hopefully to see how it may improve upon the way they have been imported and exporting files from music apps.

French software company Mixvibes has been quick to act on this new capability. It has announced that its Cross DJ and Remixlive apps will use Files for quicker file importing and exporting.

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Users of both apps will also be able to use an iPad’s new iOS Slide Over function to open Cross DJ within Remixlive, loop a section of a track in the DJ deck, and drag that loop into Remixlive for live sampling and remixing.

The iOS 11 Files system syncs to major cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive and iCloud, and Remixlive and Cross DJ users on iPads with iOS 11 are now able to able to quickly drag and drop from and to those storage sites.

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Both Cross DJ and Remixlive include Ableton Link wireless syncing and free versions for both iOS and Android. The Cross DJ app has other conveniences like mixing from Soundcloud streaming audio and exporting DJ sets to Mixcloud. Remxlive works for finger drumming, loop remixng, and recording from a loop sequencer.