Video: Mixvibes RemixLive 3.0 Brings Finger Drumming to Android

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Just announced for Android mobile devices, Mixvibes Remixlive 3.0, a major creative update to the live looping and remixing app. 

Taking advantage of Android's low-latency, Remixlive 3 adds a new Drum grid to go along with the apps existing Loop grid. With that, you can finger drum note and percussion samples in real time, record those sequences directly into the Loop grid, and quantize those recordings to make up for any device latency. You can also modify pattern recordings with an overdub mode.

Remixlive 3 is available free on the Google Play store with in-app purchases. Mixvibes is currently working on Remixlive 3.0 for iOS with the finger-drumming features. Check out an intense performance on Remixlive 3 for Android here:

We'll be working on a full review of Remixlive 3.0 once the iOS version is available.