Videos: KMI Labs K-Board Pro 4 Prototype

Full-size keyboard controller with KMI's famous Smart Sensor Fabric technology.
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Keith McMillen Instruments has announced its research and development arm, KMI Labs, a sort of in-house incubator for all of the company's project in progress. Of the several initial projects unveiled from KMI Labs, the one that caught our eye is the K-Board Pro 4, a controller of four-octaves of full-size keys that contain the same famous Smart Sensor Fabric technology that has made KMI's compact K-Board a hit. This technology gives the keypads four levels of expression: velocity, continuous pressure modulation, x-axis modulation and y-axis modulation. Peep the video for further explanation. 

As this is a work in progress, there is no price or availability info for the K-Board Pro 4, but it will be USB powered and class-compliant.