Videos: Live at Moog

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The following videos are from a new live-performance series recently debuted by Moog Music and Paste magazine, and made available here through the courtesy of those companies and Music Allies. These three songs feature Yo La Tengo.

More videos will be upcoming as they are available. In its press release about the launching of this series, Moog described it this way: "Bands were given access to the Moog factory to explore and experiment with the dozens of synthesizers, guitars and effect pedals designed and manufactured here. Often, the artists rearrange their songs to showcase the otherworldly sounds of Moog's instruments, yielding a performance unlike any other." Enjoy!

Here's a video of Yo La Tengo performing "All Your Secrets," live at the Moog Factory (Asheville, N.C.)
(Footage courtesy of Moog, Music Allies and Paste)

This video shows Yo La Tengo performing "Nothing to Hide," live at the Moog Factory (Asheville, N.C.)
(Footage courtesy of Mog, Music Allies and Paste)

In this video, Yo La Tengo performs "Periodically" live at the Moog Factory (Asheville, N.C.).
(Footage courtesy of Moog, Music Allies and Paste).