Video: New Amp & MIDI Features for Bitwig Studio 2.1

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I’m finishing up my Bitwig Studio 2 review for Electronic Musician’s next issue, and Bitwig just won’t let me rest. Just weeks after releasing the commercial version of the Bitwig Studio 2, the company has just started the beta program for Bitwig Studio 2.1, which includes several big additions along with the usual bug fixes. We only review final releases of software, but I will be jumping into these new features for the beta test, as well.

Say hello to the new Amp device, the glamor addition to Bitwig Studio 2.1. This amp simulation audio effect can add some versatile virtual analog amp saturation, distortion and general grittiness to any audio source. It has EQ on both the Pre and Post sections, 8 drive types and choices of cabinet, color and mix settings.

For hardware heads, Bitwig Studio 2.1’s MIDI Clock Slave will let you sync up the DAW to external hardware or software MIDI clocks, including the ability to sync up two separate Bitwig Studio instances.

Bitwig Studio 2.1 will also add devices for remapping MIDI channels and filtering out notes and data from specific MIDI channels.

Finally, the update will include a new 280-file soundpack, the Irrupt Eurorack collection of drum machine kits, bass and melodic loops all made from modular Eurorack gear. With the Bitwig Studio 2.1 beta available now to registered users, the official update release is planned for the end of this April.